Written by:
Nick Mamatas
Narrated by:
Neil Hellegers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
8 hours 30 minutes
Highlander meets Seven in Nick Mamatas's Sabbath.

The infamous eleventh-century warrior Hexen Sabbath is plucked from death and certain damnation by a being claiming to be an angel of the Lord, and finds himself dropped into contemporary Manhattan with no clothes, no weapons, no resources, and one mission-to track down and kill the living personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins before they bring about Armageddon.

With time running out and his only ally a destitute art gallery owner, Sabbath must fight his way through New York's elite and challenge the world's most powerful man, or an eternity of suffering will be his, and our, only reward.

Inspired by the comic book Hexensabbath by Nick Mamatas.
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William A.

Come on, this is literature? Odd juxtaposition of great sinning and thus being granted access to Heaven, poor pacing, the plot drags, then he chops off the head of a Sin, and the plot goes back to dragging along. Did not enjoy this, had to listen in small bites as I dropped off to sleep.

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