Written by:
Garth Nix
Narrated by:
Tim Curry

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2002
10 hours 43 minutes
A tale of dark secrets, deep love, and dangerous magic!

Since childhood, Sabriel has lived outside the walls of the Old Kingdom, away from the random power of Free Magic, and away from the Dead who refuse to stay dead. But now her father, the Charter-Mage Abhorsen, is missing, and to find him Sabriel must cross back into that world. With Mogget, whose feline form hides a powerful, perhaps malevolent spirit, and Touchstone, a young Charter Mage, Sabriel travels deep into the Old Kingdom. There she confronts an evil that threatens much more than her life--and comes face-to-face with her own hidden destiny.
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Ordinary J.

It's a good read, the characters are great and you can never go wrong with Tim Curry

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Anita R.

A refreshing look info the fantasy genre with unique and fascinating magic system and satisfying world building. Tim Curry as narrator is the absolute cherry on top!

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Laila C.

Aside from the rushed romance, very good!

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Firstly, Tim Curry delivers this perfectly and is simply delightful. For the book itself - it felt on the short side, but it was all action packed, culminating at the end where it was hard to pause after 75%. Magic system is interesting, very unique to other genre books and while it is completely new, author delivers it in a very concise and digestible way. Characters are all well written and it’s hard not to fall into love with them.

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Sean B.

MEH...nothing special about this book and a bit droll. I feel like all the 5 star reviews are from those that never read a good sci-fy before and this is their first time ever reading one and that they don’t know any better. Save your credits.

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Andrea O.

This was such a great book. The protagonist, Sabriel, is strong, confident, and brave. I really enjoyed her journey and the way she sort of grows into her role. The magic system is unique, and although it took me a bit to understand how it worked, I was drawn in by the way it was used. Sabriel’s traveling companions are a wonderful balance to her temperament. Mogget is a devilish delight, and Tim Curry’s characterization of him was perfection. Touchstone is a lovely bundle of broody, well meaning, and woefully guilt ridden everyman that wakes up 200 years later at a wooden figured head. Each of their stories were interesting and what both offer to the protagonist, works. There is a bit if a lull in the mid section of the story, but everything really pick up towards the end and the payoff is good. I also like the way love is handled. It is certainly quick but quite heartwarming. If you like fantasy with interesting magic systems, and strong intelligent protagonists please do give this a listen.

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Emily M

From the moment that I read these books, years ago, they were my favorite. Tim Curry made Sabriel and Touchstone and Mogget almost fly off the pages!

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Kathryn Beck

My favorite fantasy series next to Harry Potter. It's for any age, and has darker tints to make it interesting. Tim Curry is an incredible narrator as well. GET IT.

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Alyssa Harvey

I really liked this book- well written and convincing characters. I didn't finish the series though because the other books don't follow Sabriel anymore... They are from the perspective of different characters who we don't meet in this story.

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sian maxwell

excellent YA book, narrator makes every female character unbearably nasal and more than a little annoying.

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Zoe Lewis

Read them all. This series is just as completely original and well-written as it is underrated. The women are all super complex and realistic but also run the show. It's just awesome.

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Austin Regensberg

Wonderful! The narrator does an excellent job of setting the mood and rhythm. The story is also excellent in plot and characters.

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Morena Garcia

This. book. is. amazing. That is all. Tim Curry makes it amazing and helped all the characters be true to the book.

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helen pasquill

WOW!!! Really amazingly read. Such a pleasant delight to hear the dulcet tones of Mr. Tim Curry; one of my favourite actors, read this incredibly well written book. I own the paperback book copy and read it til the spine collapsed, so I had to buy the Abhorsen box set trilogy. It looks lovely on my shelf and now I can listen to it being read so I don't ruin my nice copy. It was so lovely to listen to that I often times rewound it to a favourite part, and I was very happy to find and unabridged copy of it as the book really is amazing. Every single sentence is important in this series and truly brings the whole book together and really allows the reader to become involved in the characters story and what's happening to them. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good adventure through fiction.

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