Saint: A Sports Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
4 hours 53 minutes
Gunslinger: A quarterback who throws deep risky passes on the field and off . . .

I hate sports, and he is football royalty. I like quiet and predictable, but he's sex and swagger personified. I didn't particularly care for Saint Stevenson the first moment I laid eyes on him, but his warped brain seemed to process our initial meeting as foreplay.

I have a meticulous five year plan in place for myself and my career, but now this huge, cocky, self-absorbed quarterback who I've been assigned to at work is seriously f*cking it up.

He's the ultimate player on and off the field, and it doesn't make any sense that I'm falling hard and fast for the arrogant baller; but there doesn't seem to be anything about our love story that makes any sense at all.

Contains mature themes.
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Alison J.

Hated the narrator. Couldn’t finish.

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Just great. Funny. Sexy. Loved the main characters.

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Patricia R.

I just love the style of Lisa Lang Blakeney. This first book in her new sports romance series has so many of my favorite(yes I have quite a few) sub genres, that I was sucked in from the start. First, the hunky quarterback, Saint is quite the man. When we first meet him, it's hard to get a good read. Coming off being jilted at the alter, you can only figure this kind of character would be a player, but as I got to know him, I didn't get that impression. He is from good family stock and I truly liked his personality. Though at times his cockiness is a little over the top, it fits him. That leads us to his counterpart, Sabrina. I can totally relate to this woman. Career driven and looking for the safe man, one like Saint is just a dream. But Blakeney takes this couple and gives us the ultimate slow burn. It's fun and flirty, it has a small love triangle with Sabrina's safe pick. It includes witty banter, hot, steamy passion and a journey to success. I loved everything about this book, from the beginning to the end, and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next! Narration is key, and the choice of Hayden Bishop and Jeremy York is spot on. I love Bishop as Sabrina. She has an outward confidence that shines for her. She gives her a feeling of inner beauty and a slight nerdy feel with her voice. I love how she gives the perfect inflections making me feel all of Sabrina's emotions. Step in Jeremy York as Saint, the swoony, alpha male. His voice is commanding, full of that sexual charge, and true love feel as he gets to know Sabrina. I loved this team. I thought their voices complimented each other and enjoyed their performance of Gunslinger!

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