Say Yes to No Debt: 12 Steps to Financial Freedom

Narrated by:
Richard Allen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
5 hours 55 minutes
The founder of the dfree™ movement's twelve attainable steps to financial freedom.

This book is not just another financial literacy program that assumes that all people need is information. Drawing on his personal experience and years as a pastor, public policy maker, and community leader, DeForest 'Buster' Soaries, Jr. shares a groundbreaking, life-changing approach to financial wellness that views financial bondage as an emotional, spiritual, and psychological problem.

The dfree™ movement provides twelve easy, attainable steps to help you:

- Get started on your debt by admitting the problem, addressing the mess, and adjusting your attitude
- Get control by creating a spending plan, becoming accountable, and setting goals
- Get ahead by building wealth, planning your will and estate, and celebrating your success
- And give back by investing in others, through tithing, mentoring, and leading your own dfree™ movement

If you want to live a debt-free life with the financial freedom to travel, purchase a home within your means, and enjoy retirement without the burden of pay excess monthly bills, then this book is for you.

Eliminating debt is the first step toward financial freedom. And YOU can do it.
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