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Release Date
November 2008
4 hours 52 minutes
In this bestselling fish-out-of-water classic, a homeschooled kid must learn how to fit in at his new public school when he's elected to be class president as a prank.

Capricorn Anderson (Cap for short) has never watched a television show. He’s never tasted pizza. He’s never heard of a wedgie. And he has never, even in his wildest dreams, thought he’d live anywhere but the Garland Farm commune with his hippie grandmother and homeschool instructor, Rain.

But all this changes when Rain is stuck in the hospital and Cap is sent to Claverage Middle School (dubbed C Average by the kids). Cap doesn't exactly fit in at school, with his long, ungroomed hair and hemp clothes; in fact, he's the biggest nerd around. But when he’s elected eighth grade president
as a joke, Cap is more puzzled than ever, and soon the joke grows into something more. Will Cap be the greatest president in the history of C Average or the biggest punch line?

Rife with Gordon Korman’s signature humor, Schooled is a heartwarming story about friendship, kindness, and finding your place—which may not always be where you think it is.

'Korman’s novel … is his usual smart, funny, slightly skewed realism. Tweens will definitely identify.'—Kirkus Reviews
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