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The Scindias, The Tatas, A Medieval Treasure & A Bailout

Written by:
Amit Schandillia
Narrated by:
Anish Nair

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
0 hours 34 minutes
India has been called the golden bird so often, that it's become a cliché now. But the title doesn't exist without reason. Sure, this land has seen catastrophic famines and poverty rarely seen elsewhere in human history, but it's never lost its familiarity with extreme wealth either. British India was a tribute to the wealth gap in ways hard to fathom today. India was a Golden Bird but caged by royalty. One such royalty was the Scindias. This is the story of how a clan went from bearing a rich nobility's slippers for a living to bankrolling India's biggest economic turnaround.
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