A Scot to Remember

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
10 hours 32 minutes
She wanted a love for all time.

A life of love lost and heartbreak has cursed the women in Bronte Hughes's family for generations. When she discovers a device that allows her to slip through time, Bronte decides the key to obtaining true love for herself lies in mending the tragedies of the past and restoring a legacy of love fate has robbed from her family . . . beginning with saving her great-great grandfather from setting sail on the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic.

He searched for a life with purpose.

Good friends and a loving family provided Tris MacKintosh with ample duty and obligation but none of the challenge and purpose he yearned for in life. When a mysterious young woman appears in a suspiciously timely fashion-not once, but twice-to save his closest friend from death, he's presented with more intrigue than he's experienced in years. Contributing to the war effort against Germany once seemed his best chance to live with purpose and make a mark . . .

However, with Bronte at his side, Tris soon realizes there is a greater opportunity awaiting him. A chance to be a part of a love to last forever, to change the future . . . and to save the world. Soon . . .
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Sharon D.

I’m sorry. Did not read. I don’t like time travel. Selected book without reading recap

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Didn't like it. Not that wholesome, just sPicY.

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Jody V.

When the story is so good and the narration pulls you deep, you don't stop listening.

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Momma Bear

Fantastic story and love the fantasy!!!

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