A Scot Worth Having

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
13 hours 7 minutes
She went to the past to see history firsthand. She stayed to put the past behind her and truly live for the first time. She wasn't supposed to be there.

Weary of her ex-husband's relentless pursuit, Ginny Hughes flees to the one place he can never find her-the past. Captured by a group of retreating Scotsmen, she fights for her freedom only to discover that her very presence in the past has changed history for the worst! She doesn't anticipate a braw, handsome Scot who would bring her something that felt so right.

It was the last place he wanted to be

After a year of blood and war, Cailin MacLeod wants nothing more than to return home and try to rebuild the life he left behind. Determined to find out how Ginny could possibly know the details of their plan and what more she might be hiding, Coll takes her as his unwilling captive only to discover the next day she is all too willing to offer her assistance to their cause.

Now Ginny's not sure she ever wants to leave

Coll MacLeod reveals himself as a man who can bring her something her ex never could. As she helps Prince Charlie evade the pursuit of the royalist militia, Ginny discovers there is no escape from the yearning of her heart.
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