A Scot's Pride

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
6 hours 42 minutes
Lord Bryson Mackenzie Fraser is in need of a wife, but not just any bride will do. He needs someone unaware of his reputation in the Highlands, or the stipulations behind his inheritance. On the pretense of visiting his aging aunt in London, he begins his search in earnest. Except the ladies of England find his Scottish upbringing distasteful. While at a club, he overhears an old baron speak of the five beautiful daughters he must marry off before he dies. The way seems surely paved, all Bryson has to do is follow the baron and his family to the English countryside where he can begin his wooing in earnest.

Miss Freya Grysham, daughter of Baron Braye, finds herself and her four sisters in dire straights when her ill father informs her that the entail of his title, lands and fortune, are unbreakable, which means her braggart of a cousin will soon inherit everything. It is up to Freya, and her elder sister Riley, to find suitable marriages that will keep the family from destitution. Letting out their London house, they move to the country to ease Baron Braye’s discomfort. With a laughable dowry, and a cynical, if droll, demeanor, finding a willing mate will be a challenge, especially with the arrogant Lord Fraser constantly in attendance. She cannot seem to shake the man who appears to disdain all of society—and one she can’t help but admire.

Abruptly their tranquil existence comes to an end when Freya’s younger sister disappears into Scotland on the pretense of eloping. Along with her aunt and uncle, Freya travels north into the Highlands in a vain attempt to find her sister. Bryson, too, returns to the Highlands, but this time to take care of a family secret he’s kept well under wraps.

When it seems the two shall never meet again, and Freya realizes she’s heartsick over their separation, happenstance brings them together once more. This Scot will have to set aside his pride in order to secure the admiration of the clever English lass he’s fallen for. Will Freya say “I do” before the clock runs out?
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