The Sex Life of the Gods

Written by:
Michael Knerr
Narrated by:
Various Readers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
3 hours 39 minutes
Beth Danson was about twenty-five and, besides her deep auburn-brown hair and lovely face, she boasted an equally attractive body. He found himself captivated by the warm thrust of her breasts beneath the silk blouse. The clear milk of her flesh, at the “V” of her throat excited him in a strange way. When he thought of her as his wife, it was frightening. It was as though someone had tossed him a woman and expected him to just fall into the routine of marriage. It wouldn’t be hard to come to love this woman, but it would take awhile. Hell, he didn’t know her. She was a complete stranger who had suddenly told him they were married. There was nothing familiar about her; even the fingers that were softly working over his face were alien. (Summary by Blurb from the Front Flap!)
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Steve Hudson

Pretty lame storyline perhaps that is the way writers get started and do better things later in life.

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James Paterson

I did feel it here was much of a story, it may get better hope the writer gets better

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Krystal M.

nope did not like

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Dawn H.

Strange story

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Daniel M.

Better story line than anticipated. Narration was hit and miss. Some of it very over dramatic. But overall, a pretty good listen.

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Awful worse book I ever listen too

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Disappointed not one bit of classic erotic storytelling. Not one bit titillating. Did not move me one bit.

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Gary V.

Very entertaining on a long boring drive.

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Horrible book and no clue how to delete it from my app

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A little strange but not too bad. some of the readers voices creeped me out.

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Earl Nisbet

Not what I expected, kind of hard to stay focused on listening to the story, would not recommend reading this title!

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