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Shadow of the Hegemon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2006
12 hours 51 minutes
The War is over, won by Ender Wiggin and his team of brilliant child-warriors. The enemy is destroyed, the human race is saved. Ender himself refuses to return to the planet, but his crew has gone home to their families, scattered across the globe. The battle school is no more.

But with the external threat gone, the Earth has become a battlefield once more. The children of the Battle School are more than heroes; they are potential weapons that can bring power to the countries that control them. One by one, all of Ender's Dragon Army are kidnapped. Only Bean escapes; and he turns for help to Ender's brother Peter.

Peter Wiggin, Ender's older brother, has already been manipulating the politics of Earth from behind the scenes. With Bean's help, he will eventually rule the world.

Shadow of the Hegemon is the second novel in Orson Scott Card's Shadow Series.
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Amanda B.

Ender series and the shadow series are my favorite book series. nothing has topped them yet.

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Anthony C

Great book.

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John Lauder

Nice book series.

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Christopher Becken

I do like the book series.

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Jean-Luc Guedez

there are too many editorial error and gaps. the story is great but terrible editing

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A. Teal

With the common enemy destroyed mankind goes back to feuding with itself. Despite the warnings of Locke (aka Peter Wiggin) the battle school children are returned to their parents with the hope to give them back a normal childhood. Promptly they are abducted to serve the purpose of one man's effort to rule the world. This book will be a disappointment to the sci-fi fan because there is little high-tech in it, but lots of political strategy and insight in the human spirit. A must for all who read Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow.

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Gene Sheppard

This is an excellent addition to the Ender Wiggin story. Here we find out about Bean’s origin, which is a shock, at least to me. Bean and Petra are extraordinarily bright and cleaver. If you liked the Ender Wiggin saga, you will most certainly enjoy this. The Sci-Fi enthusiast, new to this tale, may come away somewhat dissatisfied as the only Sci-Fi here is the idea Ender and Valentine are off world. To appreciate this story I highly recommend “Ender’s Game” before listening to this story.

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