Shula: The Coach of the NFL's Greatest Generation

Written by:
Mark Ribowsky
Narrated by:
L.J. Ganser

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
14 hours 25 minutes
Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997, Don Shula remains the winningest coach of all time with 347 career victories and the only undefeated season in NFL history. But before he became the architect of the Dolphins dynasty, Shula was a hardworking kid selling fish on the banks of Lake Erie. As acclaimed sports biographer Mark Ribowsky shows, Shula met serious resistance at home when he asked to play high school football, but when his parents finally relented, they discovered that their son had an unmatched mind for the game's strategy and a stomach for its brutality.

With rugged determination, the jut-jawed Shula started as a defensive back in the 1950s, later beginning his thirty-two-year coaching career as the then-youngest coach ever with the Baltimore Colts. The Colts had several successful years, but Shula never quite recovered from the historic loss to the upstart New York Jets in Super Bowl III, and when a lucrative job opened in Miami, he took his talents to South Beach, where he led the Dolphins to the first perfect season in NFL history.

Tracing Shula's singular rise from his blue-collar origins to his glory days in the Miami heat, Ribowsky reveals a man of grit and charisma who never lost sight of a simple creed: 'All I've ever done is roll up my sleeves, figure out what to do, and start doing it.'
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James S.

There were some inaccuracies (ex. Green Bay beat Cleveland 23-12, not 65-12 in 1965). There were quite a few mispronunciations of names. One would think a phonetic guide would be there for all names. But the book is interesting.

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