Sick Heart: A Dark MMA Fighter Romance

Sick Heart: A Dark MMA Fighter Romance

Written by:
Ja Huss
Narrated by:
Lessa Lamb , Troy Duran
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
14 hours 49 minutes
'This book will STUN YOU SILENT!'

'Brutal, Brilliant, Beautiful!'

'You will NOT stop listening.'

'Unique story and Top Read 2021'


Cort van Breda has won 35 death matches as a fighter in an MMA circuit so deep underground there are no rules and only the winner gets out alive.

They call him the Sick Heart.

They say he's a shameless monster.

They say he's a ruthless killer.

They say he's as twisted as the man who owns him. 

They say a lot of things about Cort van Breda.

But in our world violence is money, and money is winning, and winning is life, and life is the only thing that matters. 

Except... he wasn't meant to win that last fight.

And I wasn't meant to be his prize.

But he did.

And I am.

And now his sick heart owns me.

WARNING: This is a sweet love story adrift in an ocean of evil. It is about two survivors dealing with their darkest secrets while they fight to change their lives. It is for mature readers only and has descriptions of deeply disturbing situations. There will be pearl clutching. 
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Selena Grcic

Troy Duran is the perfect choice to narrate this book! JA Huss is one of my favorite authors as well. This book is a little dark, makes you want to root for the little guy, full of twists and turns and poetic in a non-poetry way. I can't believe she can write so many books that are so very different and still fall in at 10/10.

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Jacquelyn W.

Heavy subject matter but a great story. I’d listen to Troy Duran read a phone book.

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