A Simple Way to Pray

Written by:
Martin Luther
Narrated by:
Danny Doyle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
1 hour 10 minutes
Many Christians find prayer challenging, despite it being a central component of their faith. “How should I pray?” 'What if I am distracted?” 'What if my prayers become repetitive and routine?” 'What should I pray for?” These are all questions that a Christian may be concerned about.
When requested by his good friend Peter Beskendorf, a barber by trade, for some practical advice regarding how to pray, Luther replied by preparing this short paper, first published in 1535. After almost 500 years, Luther’s words continue to offer spiritual guidance for us today. This edition contains an early and authentic English translation that brings us Luther's practical advice, using his four step method:
1. Rule of Conduct?
2. Thanksgiving?
3. Confession?
4. Prayer
Luther’s method establishes the foundation of prayer within the catechism and other biblical texts, but it permits the Christian to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to pursue thoughts which suggest themselves via the texts. This has a reenergising and supportive effect on prayer, and will encourage readers to reach out to God.
This edition contains helpful and easy to navigate sections in a convenient audio format.
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