Sister of Rogues

Written by:
Cynthia Breeding
Narrated by:
Lulu Russell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
10 hours 50 minutes
A victim of a madman who wants revenge on her family, Fiona MacLeod is kidnapped and committed to the Dublin Lunatic Asylum. Her only bit of good luck is that the asylum's overcrowded and she's assigned a room in a nearby castle. She knows the more she tries to convince her captors of the plot against her family, the more insane she sounds, but she finds a spark of hope in the young earl of the castle.

With his family fortune dwindling, Earl Kier O'Reilly pays his taxes by hosting non-violent asylum inmates in his ancestral castle. He knows that since Fiona is his ward, he should not be attracted to her, but the grey-eyed beauty has captured his heart, and he soon begins to doubt she's as mad as everyone says she is . . . which means there's a sinister plot afoot, and the lovely Fiona is in danger.

Contains mature themes.
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