The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Written by:
Alison Weir
Narrated by:
Simon Prebble

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2012
22 hours 30 minutes
This acclaimed best-seller from popular historian Alison Weir is a fascinating look at the Tudor family dynasty and its most infamous ruler. The Six Wives of Henry VIII brings to life England's oft-married monarch and the six wildly different but equally fascinating women who married him. Gripping from the first sentence to the last and loaded with fascinating details, Weir's rich history is a perfect blend of scholarship and entertainment.
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kelly W

I really enjoyed this book! It is fascinating to have a window into how Henry VIII ended up with six wives, their lives together and ultimately their ends. If you are any way interested in the Tudors, this book is a must for you!

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Dave B.

Going to see the musical SIX, which is about Henry VIII's six wives. I wanted to learn the history and this is a great book to learn about the history.

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Excellent book and excellent narration! A very engaging relaying of a fascinating part of history.

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I enjoyed this very much.. I felt that I time travelled into the tudor times where horse riding and luxurious dining and clothes is the way of life. One of my longest(hours) audio book. But I like it

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Susan B.

Went to England in 1977! Visited all the great places and palaces! Saw Henry and the six wives at Madam Tusades! One of my favorite memories! ❤️

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Great book and narration. I enjoy A.Weir's books about Tudors and, in my opinion, this is the best one. Also, the narrator is outstanding.

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Devan R.

A very detailed and thorough book that takes you through each of Henry VIII’s wives. This is a must read for all Tudor dynasty enthusiasts! The narrator also does a great job! Enjoy!

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Extremely Engaging and interesting.

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Lorraine C.

Loved this book. Very informative. The Narrator was stunning to listen to and the content was fascinating. If you are a fan of stories of the Tudors then i would certainly recommend this

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I could not stop listening!

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Kenneth D.

I thought the book to be enjoyable. I agree with others...............the narrator was very good. I learned a lot about 18th century England, sometimes too much! I had to keep referring to Wikipedia to keep all of the characters straight.

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I really enjoyed the history of all the queens in one book from beginning to end - highly recommended!

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Gary G.

This history of a critical time in western civilization is presented in a very logical, informative, and interesting way. The narration adds to the entertainment value of the book. I was particularly interested in the complex relationship that Henry had with the Catholic church and how that led to the schism that became the Church of England.Anyone with an interest in world history would really appreciate this account.

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Stephen T.

The reputation of the male of the title doesn't come out of this very well.

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Linda B

Though this isn't a novel or anything and I knew the fates of all 6 women I was glued to my phone listening to this. I learned a lot but it moved like a story. I didn't feel like your traditional history book. Definitely recommend if you love the Tudor period like I do! And the narrator was excellent.

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Strictly a historical account of the wives and daughters of Henry VIII.

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Very informative. Kept it interesting and not boring which some of these can. Great narrator. Loved his voice and his tone. Strongly recommend if interested in the Tudor dynasty.

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