Sleep Better Meditation: Beginner Friendly Meditations to Help You Fall Asleep Easily Every Night, Overcome Anxiety, and Be More Mindful

Written by:
Harmony Academy
Narrated by:
Harmony Academy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
1 hour 6 minutes
Want to fall asleep fast, experience deep sleep, and wake up energized?
Studies continue to show that deep REM sleep is vital to reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, increasing mental clarity, maintaining weight loss, and even extending lifespan by preventing the onset of disease.
In the short term, quality sleep will help you feel incredible. In the long term, it could save your life.
Mindfulness meditation is becoming widely accepted as one of the most effective practices for faster sleep onset and higher quality sleep.
The Harmony Academy the experts behind the best Meditation audiobooks on the market, have combined years of mindfulness research with a soothing voice and background sounds that will help you:
• Learn how to fall asleep fast every night.
• Experience deep, healing sleep.
• Remove unconscious barriers to sleep.
• Learn how to trigger the brain’s natural “relaxation response”.
• Soothe the nervous system.
• Quiet the mind.
• Wake up energized.
- And much, much more.
Experience the best sleep of your life tonight!
Buy your copy of “Sleep Better Meditation” by “Harmony Academy” NOW!
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Caron C.

It was my first time to follow a guided meditation and I am so satisfied to use this audio. What makes it more interesting is that it has a variety of techniques. Great to try!

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Susan R.

This audio meditation allows me to release all my thoughts easily and get back to meditation without struggling. It is so helpful.

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Mary D.

It allows me to zone out and meditate. Every day I look forward to the next day's meditation. This was likely the best meditation program I have followed.

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Katy C.

This book step by step guide was very helpful. Its a great audio book!

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Colin M.

It's such a helpful audiobook for getting to sleep. I did not have any trouble falling asleep while listening to this audiobook.

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