Snowflakes and Mistletoe at the Inglenook Inn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
8 hours 11 minutes
As the flames on the log fire flicker and the snowflakes swirl above New York streets, maybe this Christmas could be the one that changes everything... When Darcy returns to Manhattan, she’s put in charge of the Inglenook Inn, a cozy boutique hotel in the heart of Greenwich Village. The Inn needs a boost in bookings if it’s to survive the competition, so Darcy is convinced that hosting Christmas this year is the answer. What she doesn’t expect is to meet a face from the past, which can only spell trouble. Myles left England behind and took a job in New York. It’s a step forward in his career and has the added bonus of being nowhere near his family. He’s also hoping to avoid Christmas, the worst time of the year. But when his company puts him up at the Inglenook Inn and he recognizes Darcy, it isn’t long before they clash. When disaster strikes, can Myles and Darcy put their differences aside to make Christmas at the Inglenook Inn a success?
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