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Sojourn | Volume Four: Where Angels Fear To Tread | Observer Effect | Forlorn Hope

Sojourn | Volume Four: Where Angels Fear To Tread | Observer Effect | Forlorn Hope

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
2 hours 9 minutes
The Avalon Expedition stands its ground.

Faced with the reality of remaining stranded in a mysterious nebula 3,000 light years from home, the Avalon Expedition has no alternative but to reclaim their captive Gatehauler from the depths of the Advari Empire. Captain Cassandra Farren and the rest of the Expedition’s multinational forces at last go on the offensive, launching a daring mission to infiltrate the enigmatic minefield known as the Aegis of Invia, where much will depend on former Inquisitor Castian Vadric. But Vadric faces a far greater struggle from within.

The conclusion to the first season of the critically acclaimed audio drama ‘The Sojourn’, Volume Four takes the Avalon Expedition into their darkest hour, as loyalties are strained and courage tested in the face of nigh-unstoppable odds.

Directed and produced with careful scientific consultation, The Sojourn captures every detail of life aboard ship, from the sounds of the smallest airlock seal to the largest space battle. Featuring a full cast of veteran voice actors, backed up by high-quality sound effects and an epic original soundtrack, The Sojourn is a unique and striking audio experience.

Starring Larissa Thompson as Captain Cassandra Farren, Emily Serdahl as Director Elizabeth Ancelet, Laura Faye Smith as Tamara Melari, Ben Prendergast as Mathias Croft, Stephen Trafford as Inquisitor Castian Vadric, also featuring Matthew Kaufman as Lieutenant Commander Jasper Ravi, and Lelia Symington as Empress Valendra the Sixth. Written by Daniel Orrett, sound design and audio editing by Kennedy Phillips, music by Sam Redfern. Featuring music licensed under a Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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