The Sojourn | Volume Two: Dust and Shadow | The Promised Land | Theirs Not to Make Reply

The Sojourn | Volume Two: Dust and Shadow | The Promised Land | Theirs Not to Make Reply

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
1 hour 50 minutes
The Avalon Expedition forges on.

Humanity’s final hope for salvation has survived the 3,000 light year journey across the intergalactic void, only to find themselves scattered and vulnerable in a forbidding and alien nebula. Privateer Captain Cassandra Farren, despite her misgivings, has accepted the burden of responsibility for the safety of the Avalon Expedition, but protecting the fleet and it's firebrand civilian director, Elizabeth Ancelet, will prove more complicated than she could have possibly expected.

Continuing the award-winning series, Volume Two explores the painful past of the humans who made the journey, and the existential threat of those who already call the mysterious nebula home.

Directed and produced with careful scientific consultation, The Sojourn captures every detail of life aboard ship, from the sounds of the smallest airlock seal to the largest space battle.

Featuring a full cast of veteran voice actors, backed up by high-quality sound effects and an epic original soundtrack, The Sojourn is a unique and striking audio experience.

Starring Larissa Thompson as Captain Cassandra Farren, Emily Serdahl as Director Elizabeth Ancelet, Laura Faye Smith as Tamara Melari, Ben Prendergast as Mathias Croft, Stephen Trafford as Inquisitor Castian Vadric, also featuring Matthew Kaufman as Lieutenant Jasper Ravi, Lelia Symington as Empress Valendra the Sixth, Tim Parker as Lord Cardinal Hastus Arvannis, and Amy Kay as Cindra Tacira. Written by Daniel Orrett and Rowan J. Coleman, sound design by Kennedy Phillips, music by Sam Redfern.

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