The Source: Fireborne: Enora Online 7.5

The Source: Fireborne: Enora Online 7.5

Written by:
Arlo Adams
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
14 hours 45 minutes
Contessa of Millbury's world has been turned on its head.

When a demon invasion of the farm she's called home for all of her seventeen years robs her of everything that ever mattered, she barely escapes intact. But new allies will soon avail themselves and provide hope in the form of an academy that caters to the once-suppressed mana-born like her.

But when the evil being who cost her everything rears his head again, Tess quickly learns that life might never again be so simple as it was on her farm.

And when she discovers she bears a secret power beyond her control, she seeks answers to a puzzle like no one in the world of Enora has ever seen.

From the creator of the popular Enora Online series comes a new Epic fantasy LitRPG that promises tons of action, magic, and adventure from an entirely new perspective—with lots of the familiar faces Enora Online fans love.
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Gregory G.

While I really enjoyed the other books by this author this one just didn't measure up. It was very predictable and it felt like it was a cookie cutter type book. The main character was all over the place just to fit the story. It was almost like the author felt the need to go bigger and more bad ass then the original story but had no clear idea on how to develop the story smoothly in this direction. When he finally put a party together it was similar to old DnD where you go into a bar and see someone and think this person is trust worthy, we should form a group and adventure together. I gave it 2 stars because I did think the over all story line was good but I hope when he writes the second book he will fix the problems from the first and put a little more thought into it.

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