[Spanish] - Spanish: The Complete Spanish for Beginners Bundle, 3 in 1

[Spanish] - Spanish: The Complete Spanish for Beginners Bundle, 3 in 1

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Learn Spanish Academy
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
12 hours 5 minutes
Do you want to communicate in Spanish?Do you wish you could learn quickly?If so, this bundle is for you!

This Spanish audiobook-series takes away the agony of learning, and makes it a fun experience instead. You will learn the most frequently used words and phrases first, before learning the spanish grammar.

We understand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck in the same place while learning a new language, which is why we are following a secret principle. A secret, you'll be introduced to in this audibook. A secret very few people know about but that makes all the difference to learn a new language fast.

After going through this bundle series, you'll be able to communicate like an intermediate and understand every conversation.

This Bundle consist of :

- Book 1-3 in the Series Spanish
- Fundamental Spanish Grammar
- Conjugate verbs in the present, past and future tense
- Learn the two secrets to answer any question
- Learn the 1000 most common words
- Learn the 1000 most common phrases
- Learn over 500 verbs
- Learn Hundreds of common questions
- Learn Hundreds of common nouns
- Learn Hundreds of common adjectives
- Rehearse with fun and engaging exercises
- Get a perfect accent

If you are serious about learning the Spanish language, then make it easier for you and follow our secret principle.

Don’t wait any longer, scroll up and purchase this Bundle now!
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Rye A.

This bundle has helped me a lot! Great value.

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Loved it! I’m a beginner and I find this book to be very structured and I especially like that everything I learn appear to be highly relevant. Like the tactics underlying the book.

Profile Avatar

Always finding the right words to say. I make a few mistakes every now and then when it comes to grammar still, but I’m on my way.

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Suzanne A.

Great book!

Profile Avatar
Vicki R.

I recommend this bundle

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Terry T.

I recommend this bundle

Profile Avatar
Alice G.

Can’t think of anything that was bad with this book. Still consider my attitude as a student to be the determinant of how effective the teachings in this bundle become.

Profile Avatar
Mack T.

Kudos to the people behind this Bundle. Well done!

Profile Avatar
Belinda N.

Have just booked a trip to Argentina and will be working on a hostel. Will bring this bundle with me.

Profile Avatar

Great bundle. The strategy of the teachings is so easy to understand. I hate that I didn’t consider this sooner in life.

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Mary J.

Best collection of Spanish books. As a Beginner you’ll learn a lot and your Spanish will improve in every dimension.

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Ashley C.

This book is motivating me to learn some Spanish every day. It's an awesome feeling when you feel like you're making progress fast and consistently. Getting a little bit better every day. Highly recommend this one!

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Kate A.

This book is very effective when it comes to learning Spanish. By listening to this book, you will learn the basics and expand your vocabulary. You'll also learn common phrases and questions! You'll get everything you need in this 3 in 1 Spanish learning bundle. I'm learning new words and phrases faster than ever. Great Book!

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Ava J.

Great Spanish Bundle! I like that it teaches the most frequently USED words and phrases first, before jumping into grammar. In school you usually learn a lot of useless words, this approach is a lot smarter. Love it!

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