Speaking Truth: Women Raising Their Voices in Prayer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
6 hours 35 minutes
Women are fierce and fed-up, and they have been joining hands together for the purposes of societal change for as long as there has been injustice. Women of faith are guided by the Holy Spirit to work together to bring down these injustices, to build on the foundation Christ laid for the beloved community of God on earth.

This book is women joining together to speak and act in new ways in response to the increasing challenges of our day. This book offers to all women the sustenance needed to face blatant racism, bigotry, sexism, heterosexism, and xenophobia in the world and in the church. The writers of Speaking Truth greet these challenges knowing that the Good News of Jesus Christ is bigger than any societal ill and that God has called us to play a part in God's work of transformation.

When we pray together and act together, we claim a new vision for how things can be-a vision God gives us through Scripture. We can support both ourselves and other women as we learn to find and claim our voices and end the silences imposed upon us. Speaking Truth provides inspirational writings by women for women to face the societal challenges specific to today; includes prayers, devotions, scriptures, and inspirational quotes for special challenges; and encourages women supporting, advocating, and praying for other women.
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