Spoon River Anthology

Written by:
Edgar Lee Masters

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2002
4 hours 24 minutes
Deemed 'essential' in the canon of American literature, this audiobook masterpiece performed in its entirety by a full cast of fifty makes the classic accessible to everyone.

From a cemetery in a fictional mid-American town, the dead speak the truths about their lives. Some speak of hardships and sordid affairs, while others speak of their simple, honest, happy lives. Some are elderly and others are youthful or children, but mortality has claimed them all. Their voices reach us deeply—alternately plaintive, anguished, enigmatic, angry, contemptuous, and comedic, evoking themes of love, hope, disappointment, despair, and abiding faith. As the Spoon River residents examine their lives, they invite us to do the same.
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Kyle A.

I would have liked to have known who the complete cast was involved in this project; That would have been awesome! I like the concept of this book of poetry. I was introduced to this when I was in High School. Thanks again for this! I really appreciate it!

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