Sports Performance

Narrated by:
Stanley Walsh

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2012
0 hours 54 minutes
Sports Performance is part of the New Realities/Awakening Series¨ creative visualizations program instructing your inner athlete to optimize your innate abilities to perform. The first visualization, Body Tune-Up, takes you on a internal journey to become aware of and " tune' your primary physical systems that contribute to your ability to perform efficiently. The visualizations sees your body as a Òwell-oiled machineÓ working at maximum capacity. The second, Perfect Performance, is a Òdry runÓ seeing yourself performing perfectly and beyond your potential. The two visualizations create a dynamic combination tapping both the subconscious minds influence over the physical body and the power of positive thought. As you know, attitude as well as ability are an important factors in your ability to perform at your optimum.
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