Sports Superstars: Ten Legendary Athletes on and off the Field

Written by:
David Hudson
Narrated by:
David Hudson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
4 hours 45 minutes
Join bestselling biographer and sports author  David L. Hudson for an inspirational view into the lives and triumphs of the world’s greatest athletes.

We love them. We cheer for them like we know them personally. We name roads, buildings, and even towns after them. These are the sports heroes and heroines whose athletic accomplishments amaze and inspire us. Many are remarkable not only for their accomplishments in sports but also for the courageous ways they approached life.

Now, you can get to know the individuals behind some of the historic moments in sports that sent a shiver down our collective spine. Your presenter, Prof. Hudson, is a leading expert on sports history as well as a championship boxing judge. The author or coauthor of numerous books on sports, his extensive knowledge and passion for our sports heroes shine through in this 12-part audio series.

In these captivating lectures, you’ll meet the audacious Muhammad Ali, who defied the US government by standing up for his religious beliefs even though it cost him his heavyweight crown at his fistic peak. You’ll get to know the phenomenal Jim Thorpe, the first Native American Olympian gold medalist. And you’ll spend time with Wilma Rudolph, who defied expectations by overcoming childhood polio to become the fastest woman in the world. 

Admire these singular athletes with Prof. Hudson today. 

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Keogh025 U.

Omg I hated this. It has the potential to be so interesting but the narration is horrendous and so boring. I got through the first story and cannot continue

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Sandy S.

I'm sorry but this narrator totally ruins what is a good book. He speaks in a way that there are breaks where there shouldn't be breaks. He mispronounces plenty and the worst for me - he is wrong in so many places. For example - Federer was born in Switerland and then goes on to say about how Pete Sampras beat the Swede! It's painful to listen to. The stories themselves are really good if you can bear with the narration.

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