Star Wars: Doctor Aphra

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
5 hours 35 minutes
Dr. Aphra teams up with Darth Vader himself in this audiobook original—an expanded adaptation of the critically acclaimed Marvel comics series, performed by a full cast.

Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra, rogue archaeologist, is in trouble again.
A pioneer in the field of criminal xenoarchaeology, Aphra recognizes no law, has no fear, and possesses no impulse control. To her, the true worth of the galactic relics she discovers isn’t found in a museum, but in an arsenal. This viewpoint has led to a lot of misunderstandings. After her latest plan goes horribly wrong, her roguish ways are on the verge of catching up to her, when suddenly Darth Vader, terror of the galaxy, swoops in with his lightsaber ignited, and...saves her life?
Don’t get her wrong—it’s not like she’s ungrateful. Sure, her new boss is a lord of the Sith. And OK, she may have just become a pawn in a deadly game being played by him and HIS boss, who happens to be the Galactic Emperor. And yes, the life expectancy of anyone who disappoints Vader can be measured in seconds.
But she’s back doing what she does best. She’s got a ship to fly, a heist to pull, and two unorthodox but effective metal buddies: Triple-Zero, a protocol droid specializing in etiquette, customs, translation, and torture; and BT-1, an astromech loaded with enough firepower to take down a battlecruiser. Together, they might just find a way to get the job done and avoid the deadly performance review that waits at its conclusion.
Just kidding. She’s doomed.

Emily Woo Zeller as Doctor Aphra
Jonathan Davis as Boba Fett
Sean Patrick Hopkins as Luke Skywalker
Sean Kenin as Triple-Zero
Nicole Lewis as Sana Starros
Carol Monda as Maz Kanata
Euan Morton as The Emperor
Catherine Taber as Leia Organa
Marc Thompson as Darth Vader
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Basically an incomplete retelling of the comic books, but with leaving out key parts. I could follow the stor as I read the comic books in advance, but it added nothing new to the backstory. If you have not read the comic books then this will be new back story, but difficult understand and confusing as key parts are left out.

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Brynn P.

I didn’t realize that this was essentially a retelling of Aphra’s story in the Vader comics, and at first I was a bit disappointed, but it ended up being an incredibly fun listen. There’s plenty of new material, as the book dives into Aphra’s backstory with Sana Starros, and the voice cast is just excellent. Emily Woo Zeller is a fantastic Doctor Aphra, and she is complimented by a shining ensemble.

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Jeremy H.

loved the story and the voice acting. Especially Aphra'a voice it fits so well!

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