Starry Hollow Witches: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Box Set, Books 10-12

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
17 hours 3 minutes
Magic & Maladies: A wedding may be a new beginning for Bentley and Meadow, but it's an ending for one of their obnoxious guests. When Sheriff Nash starts showing more wolf than warmth during the investigation, paranormals sit up and take notice, especially ones in positions of power. Ember and Deputy Bolan agree to work together to keep the sheriff from losing his badge, but the werewolf's antics won't make it easy. Can Ember solve the murder in time or will Granger's reign as sheriff finally come to a bittersweet end?

Magic & Misdeeds: When a gaming tournament comes to Starry Hollow, everyone is thrilled with the influx of tourists—until a player ends up dead. Meanwhile, Ember makes an important discovery in connection with her mysterious ancestor and the Rose family deals with a visit from an old relative who gets under Aunt Hyacinth's skin. Can Ember stop the madness and identify the killer before the end of the tournament or will it be game over?

Magic & Monsters: Starry Hollow is abuzz when the famously reclusive Creature Hunter, Winston York, emerges from retirement after a rare sighting of an endangered magical creature and Ember Rose is assigned to cover the story. Excitement quickly turns to horror, however, when York dies during filming. Can Ember solve the crime before the killer renders her extinct?
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