Steel Guardian

Steel Guardian

Written by:
Cameron Coral
Narrated by:
Tristan Wright
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
6 hours 36 minutes
Can a gentle robot win the fight for humanity's last hope?Before the Robot Uprising, Block the CleanerBot dutifully followed his programming as part of a hotel cleaning crew. Now in the aftermath of the AI Apocalypse that annihilated the world, he tries to simply do his job, avoiding the dangerous SoldierBots who wage war on the last human survivors.

But when Block discovers a human infant, his surprise attachment to the girl compels him to protect her while traveling across the metal infested wastelands of America to a safe haven. Without his help, the abandoned baby could die before they reach safety. When he encounters Nova—a surly soldier who becomes an unlikely ally—they must tackle the biggest challenge of their lives.

Together they face mortal danger from bands of scavengers, militaristic SoldierBots, and Combat Mechs. A cyborg Bounty Hunter will stop at nothing to find Block and the child—an infant who holds the key to humanity’s future.

If you enjoy robots with a heart like WALL-E plus the action-packed adventure of the Mandalorian, then you’ll love the first book of this thrilling post-apocalyptic sci-fi series.

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Steve D.

STEEL GUARDIAN is a post-apocalyptic story that depicts the world after a robot-uprising. The tale is told through the point-of-view of Block the cleanerbot, an it is entertaining, amusing, and by its end, emotionally moving. This was a surprisingly excellent novel. I'll be reading more of the series. Kudos to the author.

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