The Stone Wolves (2 of 2) [Dramatized Adaptation]

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
5 hours 36 minutes
'The five members of an elite commando group nicknamed “the Stone Wolves” once raged against Creterakian rule. Now, four decades after their heyday, they each try to stay alive and eke out a living. But a friend from the past won’t let them move on, and neither will their bitterest enemy. Hopscotch, RedWire, the Killer, Lulz and Recoil will soon wish their pasts could stay dead.
Performed by Michael John Casey, Kay Eluvian, Rob McFadyen, Yazmin Tuazon, Laura C. Harris, Matthew Pauli, Lise Bruneau, Michael John Casey, Robb Moreira, Ryan Haugen, Rayner Gabriel, and Carolyn Kashner.'
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