Stories about Stories

Written by:
Wilkie Collins
Narrated by:
Richard Mitchley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
11 hours 49 minutes
In ancient days people would gather around the campfire and, until more recent times, it was the most familiar way of hearing a story.

The group usually assembled in the evening, perhaps after a meal, and a story would be told. The story-teller delivering it from memory, keenly aware of the rhythm and pace necessary to keep ears listening and senses heightened.

Time passes and with the written story the same technique was used. In the pens of such luminaires as Wilkie Collins, Joseph Conrad, Willa Cather, Anton Chekhov and others the indelible mark of literary story telling continues.

1 - Short Stories on Stories
2 - Youth - Part 1 by Joseph Conrad
3 - Youth - Part 2 by Joseph Conrad
4 - The Student by Anton Chekhov
5 - The Cabman's Story. The Mysteries of a London Growler by Arthur Conan Doyle
6 - An Honest Thief by Fyodor Dostoyveskey
7 - A Fragment of Stained Glass by D H Lawrence
8 - The Mass of Shadows by Anatol France
9 - Lost in a Pyramid (or, The Mummy's Curse) by Louisa May Alcott writing as A M Bernard
10 - For the Blood is the Life by F Marion Crawford
11 - Ghost in the Cupboard Room by Wilkie Collins
12 - Smee by A M Burrage
13 - St Johns Eve by Nikolai Gogol
14 - The Hand by Guy de Maupassant
15 - The Namesake by Willa Cather
16 - A Twin Identity by Edith Stewart Drewery
17 - The Prediction - Part 1 by Mary Diana Dods writing as David Lyndsey
18 - The Prediction - Part 2 by Mary Diana Dods writing as David Lyndsey
19 - Thurnley Abbey by Perceval Landon
20 - Jerry Bundler by W W Jacobs
21 - The Story of B 24 by Arthur Conan Doyle
22 - The Brute by Joseph Conrad
23 - About Love by Anton Chekhov
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