The Story of Civilization Volume 2: The Medieval World

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2017
8 hours 27 minutes
Children should not just read about history, they should live it. In The Story of Civilization author Phillip Campbell uses his historical expertise and storytelling ability together in tandem, to present history's greatest stories in a fresh and thrilling way.

Talented voice actor and audiobook producer Kevin Gallagher continues the journey through history in this riveting reading of The Story of Civilization: The Medieval World. This follows his popular readings of Volume 1: The Ancient World and The Story of the Bible series. Your children will be transported back in time through the sound effects, music, and voice acting that complements the reading of the text.

The journey continues in this second volume just after the conversion of Emperor Constantine. Children will watch the seeds of Christendom being planted in the soil of Europe, thanks to colossal figures like Sts. Benedict, Patrick, and Ambrose. The wonder of the medieval world comes alive with brilliant tales of knights, crusaders, castles, and inventions.

The strength of the content lies not only in the storybook delivery of it, but also in the way it presents history through the faithful prism of the Church. Have you always wanted your children to learn about world history from a Catholic perspective? Here, you'll have the trusted resource you've always wanted.

Did you know that:

Monks were the first to make use of clocks?

St. Patrick was once kidnapped by pirates?

St. Bernard of Clairvaux once excommunicated a swarm of flies?

The pope once lived in France instead of Rome?

A plague spread out across Europe and killed millions of people?

Whether looking for entertainment on a long road trip, enhancing the experience with the text, or catering to the needs of a child with a reading disability, this audio dramatization will open up a new world of adventure for kids of all ages.
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Ahmdyr Y.

he was very good in the first book the second one is so partial you should call this book (the history of the christian civilization) i was hope to listen to a neutral point of view as i saw in the first book

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