Stuck on You

Written by:
Monica Walters
Narrated by:
Sable Lyn , Ace Bentley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
7 hours 55 minutes
Life can be hard to navigate at times, but for Lazarus Mitchell, it’s been a constant battle. Marrying his high school sweetheart and putting his dreams on hold to help her fulfill hers, he kept pushing through life’s adversities in hopes of
seeing better days. Throughout the journey, he realized that she didn’t have the tenacity he had or the wherewithal to look difficulty in the face and choose to overcome it.

Feeling heavily depressed and discouraged for the first time in his life, he worries that despair will overtake him. So, he chooses to begin anew. He enrolls in college, determined to fulfill the dreams he put on hold. He hires a tutor to help him get
acclimated once again, and upon first sight of her, he realizes that love hasn’t given up on him.

Kiana Solé Jordan is a matriculating graduate student on the campus of Lamar University. She loves science, but chemistry sparks her interest the most, and her love for the subject makes her want to help others understand and love it too.

Tutoring is gratifying and constantly makes her smile, but when a more seasoned student requests her tutelage, she feels a lot more than gratification. The fact that he’s twelve years her senior does nothing to diminish her attraction to him. For
once, she wants to take a chance on something not so safe, and the excitement of that has her feeling things she never thought possible.

Lazarus has a lot of baggage to let go of, and Kiana wants to help him along duringthe process. But that decision isn’t welcomed by the most important people in her life, causing her to question her actions more than she should. Kiana wonders if
love is worth her ignoring her parents’ and sister’s warnings regarding her new relationship, while Lazarus wonders if choosing love is worth the adversity that will come with it. Can Kiana cut ties with her family to choose the ultimate love?

Can Lazarus’s ability to love be resurrected and strengthened enough to cause him to become the warrior he once was?
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Dominique D.

Absolutely loved the story. So glad that Lazarus and Kiana got their happy ending

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