Such a WInter's Day

Written by:
Carlene Thompson
Narrated by:
Libby Mcknight

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
11 hours 49 minutes
Nine and a half years ago, Juliet’s talented brother Fin should have returned home. He never did. When Juliet set out to find him that snowy winter evening, she made a terrifying discovery.

Now, Juliet returns to the small town of Parrish, Ohio to celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday with her parents. But when she arrives, she receives the shocking news that her father appears to have committed suicide. Why was he so distant shortly
before his death? And why was he suddenly asking questions about Fin before his brutal murder?

As Juliet tries to come to terms with another family tragedy, she finds herself at the center of a series of spine-tingling events. What chilling secrets did her father uncover, and can she stop an ice-cold killer who’s determined to keep them hidden?
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