The Sunborn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2015
14 hours 39 minutes
The award-winning author of Timescape and Eater returns with a gripping new novel set in the same dynamic future as his wildly popular The Martian Race.

Their historic mission to Mars made Julia and Victor the most famous astronauts of all time. Now, decades later, they are ordered by the Consortium to Pluto, where they will rendezvous with another starship led by the brilliant, arrogant Captain Shanna Axelrod. Here, on the frozen ammonia shore of Pluto's methane sea, Shanna has discovered intelligent creatures thriving in the -300┬░ degree temperatures. But even as their findings shift from the amazing to the inconceivable, the two crews must overcome their own intense rivalry to work together, for the most remote reaches of the solar system are filled with unimaginable wonders … and countless forces that will crush all human life.
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Catherine C.

an absorbing narrative style with vocal inflections distinguishing the various human and nonhuman characters, combining scientific facts and fictions, illustrations and predictions, all woven atop an entertaining and intriguing plot.

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