Sweet Agony

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
4 hours 55 minutes
Vengeance was something I'd been waiting all my life to deliver. It would be sweet and worth every risk I'd taken to get to this point.

I was moments away from pulling the trigger, taking the life of the man who'd cost my father his . . .

And then she was dragged into the room, struggling and fighting for freedom.

The moment I set eyes on Tavia, everything changed. Those darker than espresso eyes were full of fear, her mouth so ripe that had once begged me to devour it trembling in fright. She looked up at me through a curtain of thick, long lashes and gasped.

'Theo,' she whispered, her voice cracking as those eyes I'd fallen hard for filled with tears. 'Help me.'

It was then I realized my Tavia was also his. My enemy's daughter.

Contains mature themes.
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