The Sword of Camelot

Written by:
Gilbert Morris
Narrated by:
Tim Lundeen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
4 hours 48 minutes
Swords!  Shields!  Knights!  The Sleepers can hardly believe it.  The Kingdom of Camelot is an exact duplicate of King Arthur's court from the Middle Ages!

Goel, their spiritual leader, has sent the Seven Sleepers on yet another adventure.  The Dark Lord is threatening the Kingdom of Camelot, and Joshua Adams and his six companions seek to aid the king in fighting off the invaders.

Bob Lee Jackson, "Reb" to his friends, finds himself a key player in this frightening game.  Having become expert with shield and sword, Reb takes the fate of the kingdom upon his shoulders.  But the situation grows grim as the physical dangers make way for spiritual dangers.  The Sleepers must call upon the power of Goel to combat the servants of the Dark Lord.
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