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Talos: Book 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
4 hours 38 minutes
Recovered from his wounds, James Talos is more determined than ever to find his family and spirit them away to safety. But the road ahead is long and fraught with peril. Killer clones, feral cannibals, and murderous bandits are only the beginning of the dangers he must face. And should he find a way to stay alive, what will he discover? What truth lies beneath the layers of lies and deceit?

Each answer found has led to deeper mysteries. With each mile trodden, the road grows longer. With a new companion at his side, James is hoping to finally learn why this happened and, more importantly, who is behind it. But mysteries do not give up their secrets willingly. They must first be defeated. Only then can James hope to be reunited with those he loves.
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