Teacher's Pet Wolf

Written by:
Kati Wilde

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
4 hours 57 minutes
This sexy alpha intends to teach his mate a few lessons about local wildlife . . .

Alicia Simmons rarely lets anyone get too close. So crushing on a hot wildlife expert via videochats in her classroom is completely safe. The long-distance flirtation means no expectations-and no expectations means no disappointment . . . or hurt. And when Ranger tells her he's visiting her neck of the woods, spending a few days-and nights-with him doesn't sound too dangerous, either. Sure, when the fling is over, she'll have to pick up the pieces of her heart. But at least he'll be safe from the beast inside her.

Except Travis Ranger isn't coming for a fling. He's coming for Alicia. And he's got a lot to show the shy science teacher . . . starting with a lesson about what happens when a wolf finally gets his claws on the woman he's waited far too long to claim. And no matter how hard she tries to push him away, he's never going to let her go.

Because Alicia thinks she's a beast? His shy little teacher hasn't seen anything yet . .

Contains mature themes.
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Ann Dorothy F.

Loved it! It is quite steamy but the scenes are very well written. Another redhead girl and a very big hero but without actually falling into stereotypical characters. I was a bit disappointed by the end though, the MC get their HEA but the story leaves us with a lot of questions about the other couple hinted at in this story. Which might actually be the point, there might be another book coming! Oh and the lore was quite clever, I liked this version of werewolves and love the fact that this is about chosen mate and not fated ones.

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