Text Me Baby One More Time

Written by:
Teagan Hunter
Narrated by:
Emma Wilder , Alex Kydd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
7 hours 42 minutes
Teagan Hunter presents Book 4 of the Text series.

Contains mature themes.
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I wasn't sure what to expect from this one because I read the first two and gave them three stars. While I liked them, I didn't entirely love the writing. This one, however, I loved.  Denver and Shep were great characters. They had really great chemistry and I really loved their banter. I liked their little arrangement and all of their interactions. I would have liked more about the interview or article that Denver was writing about, though. That was part of the arrangement and I feel like it just got swept under the rug.  I actually liked the quick time jumps because they happen just often enough to give us a glimpse into their history, but they don't overpower the story. I'm usually not a fan of time jumps because I find they completely take me out of the "present" world and therefore the book feels disjointed, but this one was done really well. The only thing I didn't like was the conflict at the end. I think Denver handled it immaturely and somehow made the situation all about her instead of the person it affected. I thought her anger was justified in every situation except for that one. On to the narrators. Unfortunately, I wasn't wild about them; Alex Kydd in particular. His narration is very dull and lifeless. He constantly paused before and after every "and" and it drove me crazy. Emma Wilder was okay. She didn't bother me as much as Alex Kydd did, but I thought she sounded a little too old for the character she was reading for. They did distract me from the story a little bit instead of adding to it for me. Overall, I definitely recommend this book. I suggest reading it instead of listening to it, though. 

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