The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath

Narrated by:
Mike Justice

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
2 hours 24 minutes
Increase your awareness about the forgotten art of breathing as researched, practiced and written by our Eastern brothers. Inside you will find how our Western society has perhaps forgotten the proper way to breath, hence leaving us more susceptible to disease and poor health. This book explains in layman's terms what happens inside our bodies when we inhale and then exhale. And the effects improper breathing has on both our internal and external extremities. It describes nature's proximity for the respiratory, and circulatory systems. The final sections include invaluable Yogi breathing exercises for increased breathing awareness and better health. Salaam. (Mike Justice)
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Rita D

It's amazing to learn the difference of breath and how our bod is at dis-ease when we are not breathing correctly. This book as been enlightening...I encourage anyone who wants to improve their life on all levels listen to this book.

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Sandy G.

Great information that is easy to understand. The narrator is a little dry..

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learned and applied breathing techniques from this book. I truly believe answer to all breathing problems or issues could be mitigated by breathing properly, its a skill and we should all learn to better ourselves.

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this is nice for those who are week in their body system

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Ricardo Ve

Interesting read. Many practises mentioned to go back to and try. Greatful for the opportunity to read books in the public domain.

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Russ H.

As a Alpha 1 symptomatic carrier I found this book very helpful, recommend it to everyone

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