The The Sackett Brand: The Sacketts: A Novel

Written by:
Louis L'Amour
Narrated by:
David Strathairn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2005
4 hours 11 minutes
In The Sackett Brand, Louis L’Amour spins the story of a courageous man who must face overwhelming odds to track down a killer.

Tell Sackett and his bride, Ange, came to Arizona to build a home and start a family. But on Black Mesa, something goes terribly wrong. Tell is ambushed and badly injured. When he finally manages to drag himself back to where he left Ange, she is gone. Desperate, cold, hungry, and with nothing to defend himself, Tell is stalked like a wounded animal. While he hides from his attackers, his rage and frustration mount as he tries to figure out who the men are, why they are trying to kill him, and what has happened to his wife. Discovering the truth will be risky. And when he finally does, it will be their turn to run.
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Terry Krabill

Good action story with a excellent conclusion! The Sacketts are my favorite Louis L'Amore

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Ross W.

These are a great western books.

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Doug J.

Great read!

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Julie O.

It has such a western feel.

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