THE VERNE CODE: The Secret of the Anunnaki, Atlantis and the true shape of the Earth unveiled

THE VERNE CODE: The Secret of the Anunnaki, Atlantis and the true shape of the Earth unveiled

Written by:
Jesus Cediel
Narrated by:
Jason Sullivan
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
11 hours 48 minutes
It happened more than 450,000 years ago. Beings from outer space came to planet Earth in search of resources: fuel for a distant planet.It all began in Sumer, in ancient Mesopotamia. You may think this is an outlandish story by someone who has not slept for some days, but everything you will read is well documented in the most ancient writings known to mankind: the Enuma Elish, Atrahasis, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and many more.These writings, made in cuneiform on clay, have served as a source of inspiration for books of such importance as Genesis and Exodus in the Bibleā€¦ although over time, the true knowledge has been mutated or mutilated for ideological or religious reasons.

Over many years of research, Cediel has been able to verify that the facts are clear and undeniableā€¦it just happens that they are so difficult to believe that science prefers not to accept them, because they do not conform to the historical paradigm.Finally, after years of research, and motivated by a shamanic experience, he has decided to committed his ideas to print: The Verne Code is the result.The Verne Code speaks of penicillin before Fleming, air travel before the first modern plane, of ancient maps of great precision charting places only discovered in the 20th century, of the human genome before Craig Venter, of cloning before Dolly the sheep, of nuclear explosions before Hiroshima and Nagasaki, about the quest for immortality before Geron Corporation; a treasure trove of ancient secrets waiting to be discovered.

Cediel shows evidence of the extraterrestrial origin of humankind. The Verne Code is an exciting journey from the knowledge that existed in the most remote antiquity, to the frontiers of current scientific knowledge. The result is an anthropogenesis, a cosmogenesis, a theory of aging and a breakthrough theory on Atlantis. Cediel also explains the importance of the Sun and anticipates the spiritual paradigm that will rule in the astrological age of Aquarius-Leo.
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