There Used to Be a Me

Written by:
Ian Billings
Narrated by:
Alfred Molina

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
0 hours 54 minutes
Peter Sellers, rightly regarded as a comic genius, lived a life full of success and excess - fuelled by indulgence and wild mood swings. Dying at an early age in 1980, Sellers left no autobiography, no revealing record of his life and feelings. This audio play aims to fill that gap.
Featuring an incredible solo performance from Alfred Molina (loved by many in his role as Marvel's Doctor Octopus) this comic fantasy allows Sellers to construct his own documentary on his own life, told through his own eyes.
There Used To Be A Me bubbles with comedy insight into the workings of an eccentric - and, at times, cruel - mind, examining the pressures of a tortured imagination when given free and total control... but unable to take full responsibility.
As Sellers once said: "There used to be a me. But, I had it surgically removed."
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