Thinking Again: A Diary

Written by:
Jan Morris
Narrated by:
Jennifer M. Dixon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
4 hours 24 minutes
Jan Morris, one of 'Britain's greatest living writers' (Times, UK), returns with this whimsical yet deeply affecting volume on life as a redoubtable nonagenarian.

The irrepressible Jan Morris-author of such classics as Venice and Trieste-is at it again: offering a vibrant set of reminiscences that remind us 'what a good, wise and witty companion Jan Morris has been for so many readers for so long' (Alexander McCall Smith, New York Times Book Review).

'Like Michel de Montaigne' (Danny Heitman, Wall Street Journal), Morris waxes on the ironies of modern life in all their resonant glories and inevitable stupidities-from her daily exercise (a 'statutory thousand paces of brisk walk') to the troubles of Brexit; her enduring yet complicated love for America; and honest reflections on the vagaries and ailments of aging. Both intimate and luminously wise, Thinking Again is a testament to the virtues of embracing life, creativity, and, above all, kindness.
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