The Tiber and the Potomac: Rome, America, and Empires of Trust

Written by:
Thomas F. Madden
Narrated by:
Thomas F. Madden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2009
7 hours 56 minutes
Esteemed university professor and best-selling author Thomas F. Madden presents an intriguing series of lectures based on a fascinating premise: that the United States has more in common with the rising Roman Republic than with the declining Roman Empire. The Tiber and the Potomac explores the amazing parallels between history's two most unusual superpowers. Both nations built empires based on trust, skillfully making friends of enemies. During the course of these lectures, Madden not only reveals these often surprising similarities, but also extracts useful principles from history, including vital lessons from Rome's 100-year struggle with terrorism.
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