The Titanic: Disaster of the Century

Written by:
Wyn Craig Wade
Narrated by:
Robertson Dean

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2012
14 hours 30 minutes
In this centennial edition of the definitive book on the Titanic, new findings and interviews shed light on the world's most famous marine disaster for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking.On
that fatal night in 1912 the world's largest moving object disappeared
beneath the waters of the North Atlantic in less than three hours. Why
was the ship sailing through waters well known to be a 'mass of floating
ice'? Why were there too few lifeboats? Why were a third of the
survivors crew members? Based on the sensational evidence of the U.S.
Senate hearings, eyewitness accounts, and the results of the 1985 Woods
Hole expedition that photographed the ship, this electrifying account
vividly re-creates the vessel's last desperate hours afloat and fully
addresses the questions that have continued to haunt the tragedy of the Titanic.
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Great book! I’ve always been a Titanic enthusiast, but I learned a lot from this book! I believe the author did a superb job with research while writing this book.

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mary reynolds

Quite a different take on the ship, the perspective is different and old myths are dispelled as well as the Cameron story refuted

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