To Kill a King

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
7 hours 13 minutes
The Night King is dead, and his killer is on the loose.

When Mera Maurea goes to Lunor Insul to investigate the Night King's murder, she knows bringing her partner Sebastian Dhay is a mistake, mostly because he's the victim's freaking son.

Things would be a lot easier if Bast's relationship with his four brothers wasn't so . . . explosive. As the culprit keeps attacking the Night Court, Mera and Bast will have to catch him before all remaining Dhays are dead.

Everything is connected, and solving this case might just bring Mera closer to Poseidon.
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Amanda C.

I loved this book! Getting those glimpses of Bast's past and meeting his crazy family gave so much more insight on his character. Plus, I'm a huge fan of Mira and Bast together--so, this book delivered, in unexpected ways, a new level of their relationship/partnership. But I think my favorite thing about this book was the humor and banter between the characters as well as Bast's heartache for his brothers. Honestly, I'm all for that character depth! The narrators were good too. However, I found that I enjoyed the woman narrator's guy voices far more than I enjoyed the guy narrator's girl voices. Overall, I really enjoyed the book!

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