Too Hood for You: Books 1 & 2

Written by:
K.C. Mills
Narrated by:
Tamara Thompson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
13 hours 27 minutes
The handsome and complicated man known in the streets as Horatio “Heavy” Wright has always be a calculated thinker. It was required in order to survive in his world. Raised to be man that handled business at all times, Heavy is the type to always take care of his responsibilities, no matter how unplanned they are. The only question is can he split himself and his time equally so that no one thing or person gets neglected? Will he be able to juggle the new responsibilities that life is throwing his way without shorting those that matter the most in his world?

One night of pleasure can result in complicating life in ways Shai Abrams never imagined. When a one night stand turns into a lifetime responsibility, Shai has to make some decisions and fast. Forever connected to a man she knows very little about, she will have to learn to adapt to his world while still maintaining her independence. A task that seems utterly impossible. When unexpected drama comes from every angle, it will have her rethinking everything. Will she be able to handle her choices or will she choose to cut times and figure it out on her own?

Decisions made in the heat of the moment have connected Shai and Heavy for life. It will be up to them to decide how smooth that connection will be. Many other factors come into play but in the end Heavy may just have to accept that where Shai is concerned his only reality is quite simply summed up in one sentence, “I’m Too Hood for You.
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