The Trade Off

The Trade Off

Written by:
Frank Zafiro
Narrated by:
Dave Mather , Ellie Gossage
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
5 hours 42 minutes
An undercover cop and a vigilante uncle are pitted against the human trafficking industry in River City.Detective “Gus” Dow works deep undercover in the sex slave industry as a woman who buys and sells other young women. She's committed to her mission to bring the traffickers to justice but how long will that take? How much misery can she watch and still walk the line between duty and human decency?

“Bull” Porter blurs those lines when he finds out his niece is kidnapped. Rather than hunting in the wilds, he stalks his prey on the dirty streets of River City's underbelly where the hunted can turn the tables in an instant. How far will Bull go to save his niece? What lines will he cross?

When Gus and Bull collide in their battle to rescue the latest victims, the stakes escalate to include not only freedom and family, but also careers and life itself, hanging in the balance. Everything has a trade off and both Gus and Bull must decide what’s worth losing to save what's worth saving... if they can.
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